In the month of November at Overflow (as I write this on 11/28/10) we have seen God answering prayers and opening the “flood gates” in many ways. We are so humbled and grateful to be a part of how God is touching and transforming lives, and we want to share this with you as something we can all be thankful for this year! Here is what has happened in November:

11 people have received Christ as their Lord and Savior (all of this has happened outside of public worship in relationships with people from Overflow leading others to Christ). God is moving on their hearts in the services and then the follow-up is where we are seeing people coming into the kingdom!
6 people were baptized in November at our Thanksgiving service.
• I share this next bit of information so you can see the radical nature of what God is doing here through Jesus. Out of this group of people in November are:
o 3 people that have not been in church in 10 years or more
o 2 people who were baptized Catholic who have been nominal in their faith over the past 30+ years
o 1 former life-long Muslim
Growth is happening at Overflow numerically as well:
o October 2007: 8 people in Bible study
o October 2008: 93 people in worship
o October 2010: 146 people in worship. 55% growth since 2008 (2 short years with much difficulty, but much fruit as well)

All this has happened DESPITE the facility issues we have been facing. We are continuing to pray and wait on God for clear direction with the miraculous provision of the former Sears facility. Please be encouraged that this building is a very large miracle that God will reveal His purpose for is also a very small part of the Overflow Church story and how God is touching and transforming lives here!

Please be in prayer for us this week for the following items:
• Praise for the incredible way God is working to bring people to Himself
• Praise for Kendra Neilson receiving her R1-Visa and returning to join the Overflow Church staff January 2, 2011!
• Prayer for God to help the new believers in the first steps in following Him and in the discipleship journey
• Prayer for wisdom and clarity as we meet in the coming week regarding our former Sears facility and potential Overflow Church home. We trust God will continue to reveal Himself and His purpose, and our hope and desire is that Overflow will have a permanent home in 2011.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support....."His story, His glory"!

In Pursuit,

Pastor Brian Bennett

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What is happening at Overflow...

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